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Is music more to you than just "songz"? When picking something to listen to, are you as likely to think of a composer and piece as an album? Is "shuffle play" on a symphony more than a little silly? ClassicalPlayer may be for you!

ClassicalPlayer presents your iPhone's or iPad's music library to you arranged by composer and pieces. Choose, for instance "Beethoven," and from the list of his pieces you have, choose "Symphony no. 5", and see the 4 movements ready to play in order. Push the play button, and ClassicalPlayer plays the movements (in order) and then pauses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Siri Support

The "Siri badges" on the main screen of the app advertise support for Siri. This support was added to allow ClassicalPlayer to be used with CarPlay.

Contact us at classicalplayer [at] tyndalesoft [dot] com.

Updated 2023-09-11